Introducing a Punjabi wedding song book


that tells you where and when to sing traditional songs and boliyan, and how to sing them using your English pronunciation. A song book created to bring even more masti to Punjabi wedding celebrations!




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Ever found yourself just clapping along during sangeet events?

Ever wanted to sing along to all of those Punjabi wedding songs but just didn’t know the lyrics?

Let Boliyan Book help you sing Punjabi wedding boliyan and wedding dholki song lyrics.

No longer do we need to rely on our massi, mami, pua, thaiyi or chachi, we now can do it ourselves with Boliyan Book!

Boliyan Book is creating a buzz! Why? Not only does the song book clearly list the wedding events that make up a Punjabi wedding, it also tells you which songs and boliyan to sing and how to sing them using your English pronunciation! Yes, you no longer need to worry about anything, apart from having the time of your life at your family member’s or friend’s wedding!

Boliyan Book is setting a trend by being the first of its kind created for the new generation of Punjabis living all around the world, a generation which is well integrated into the western world but concerned about preserving their culture and passing it on to their children in the future. Boliyan Book is something to make our parents feel proud of. It is symbolic of the preservation and the togetherness of a Punjabi family, mixing the old with the new so that every one of all ages can truly come together, share that much more and have more fun at weddings.

Boliyan Book at a Glance


Step-by-step song book

You now know which songs to sing at which event. Hassle free, time saving.


Wedding themed book cover

Merges in with the colourful scene of any Punjabi wedding.


Sections for each event

Organised in a simplistic way, if you need a song for the Jaago ceremony, then go straight to the Jaago section. Easy as that.


Written in English phonetics

You don’t need to speak Punjabi in order to sing the songs, just use your English pronunciation and the songs will sound Punjabi.


Large font size

Multiple guests can use Boliyan Book at the same time, great for the atmosphere.


Quick Reference Song List

You know the song you want to sing? Find it at the back of the book.


Online melody helper

If you don’t know the song, use melody helper to listen, learn and practise, no excuse, get singing today.


Customise your Boliyan Book

Make sure everybody knows whose wedding they’re at, write the name of the bride and groom on the front page. Make it yours.


Ring bound book

Practical to use, the book will stay open leaving your hands free to clap!


100 plus songs and lyrics

You’ll never need to sing the same song again.


Event overview

No need to wonder why they put eyeliner on the groom anymore, this book will explain this and much more!


Handbag size

Big enough to share, small enough to carry.

Generations of Content

Boliyan Book contains a comprehensive list of traditional Punjabi wedding songs:

Boliyan (pronounced phonetically as Boliyah)

Suhag (Suhaag)

Ghorhian (Khorhiyah)

Tappe (Tappeh)

Sangeet Songs

Dholki Songs

…as well as song lyrics for all of the main wedding events and ceremonies, including:

Kadai (pronounced phonetically as Karrai)

Kudmai (Kurmai) & Chunni

Maiyan (Maiyah)

Nanakishak & Choorha

Jago (Jaago)

Surma & Sehra

So if you would like gidha boliyan lyrics that will get your friends and family singing for longer and louder, or songs that the sister-in-laws can use to mock their new jija, then you need Boliyan Book!

For more information about Boliyan Book, the above events and the different types of songs available, please go to the “About Boliyan Book – What’s in Boliyan Book?” page.

What people are saying about Boliyan Book

All wedding celebrations need to start with Boliyan Book!

Kiran Bhambra

Boliyan Book has taught me so much about Punjabi wedding traditions, it’s a great resource for anyone getting married.

Jags Singh

At last, I can sing a whole song at my sister’s wedding, not just the first verse!

Sonam Kapoor

I’ve always wanted a book like this, I can’t wait for the sangeet party!

Aman Kaur

Now all my guests can join my pua with her singing. She’s finally got competition!

Amrit Gill

I can’t wait to tease my new jija with this boliyan! Thanks Boliyan Book!


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