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Want to learn Giddha? Want to learn Bhangra?

To help keep our Punjabi traditions alive around the world, we have created an ever growing list of giddha classes and bhangra classes.

If you know of a giddha group or bhangra group that isn't listed below then please get in touch using our Contact form. To get to the Contact form, please click the Contact link located in the menu above or click here.


Haripa Dance Group


We are a Ladies Dance Group Seeking to Promote Awareness of Giddha, Bhangra and Bollywood Dance Styles to the wider community. Our Style of Dance is a Unique Modern Blend of Giddha, Bhangra and Bollywood. Our Moves are Energetic and Display Feminine Grace.

If you are interested in becoming a dancer with Haripa, please get in touch. You will need to be over 18 and want to perform.

We Are Available to Perform at Public, Corporate and Family Events e.g. Concerts, Festivals, Music Events, Video Shoots, Parties, Weddings, Ladies Sangeet Nights, Charity Events etc, anywhere in the UK.

Phone: 07572 408108

Email: haripa@live.co.uk

Facebook: Haripa DanceGroup

Giddha Sansaar


Dance Sansaar, meaning “dance world”, is a non-profit organisation based in Birmingham, which was founded by Jagdis Kumar in 2004. The organisations philosophy is to educate, preserve and promote the history and heritage of traditional Punjabi Folk Arts.

We are a team of dedicated artists who have been performing and teaching various forms of Punjabi Folk Arts for over 20 years.


Email: giddha_sansaar@hotmail.co.uk

Web: www.dancesansaar.co.uk

Together we can keep giddha and bhangra alive for generations to come!

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