The Importance of Cultural Preservation

The Punjabi culture is rich and colourful, and has spread throughout the globe influencing many countries and communities in a positive way. There are over 120 million Punjabis globally, and the Punjabi language is approximately the 11th most widely spoken language in the world.

As generations of Punjabis settle and grow their families in other countries, the new generations that are being born are losing some of their connections with the Punjabi culture and language. Their first language becomes the local language that is spoken in the country they grow up in, and thus their knowledge of Punjabi becomes diluted.

Preservation of Punjabi Culture: Online Punjabi Teacher

Boliyan Book has teamed up with Online Punjabi Teacher under the shared goal of the ‘Preservation of Punjabi Culture’.

Online Punjabi Teacher provides a safe and comfortable environment to learn a language how it’s supposed to be learnt… by speaking it out loud while in the expert arms of a professional. By learning it online, you are free to tailor your lessons to learn when and where you want. All you need is a computer, laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. It’s that simple! Whether you want to learn Punjabi yourself or want to give the gift of Punjabi to someone you know, click the link below and go to ‘Enrol Now’ to sign up for your free 20 minute consultation!

Projects like Boliyan Book work to preserve the Punjabi heritage for new generations. It endeavours to keep the Punjabi spirit alive for future generations by focusing on three of the many areas at the heart of the culture: weddings, music and language. Through these we aim to reignite the Punjabi spirit in all international born Punjabis so that one day the enthusiasm and knowledge is passed on to their own children helping continue the preservation of Punjabi culture. – Learn to Speak Punjabi Online Quickly and Easily!

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